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me bein a boss again

2011-06-20 19:48:46 by MicroVirus6

hey guys im postin lolololol

collab anyone?

2009-08-24 14:07:32 by MicroVirus6

ive never done a collab before but if theres anyone out there that would like to i would love to try it


2009-08-20 00:01:44 by MicroVirus6

whoever keeps going on my page, going through the submissions and voting 0 on them can you
1. stop,
2. reveal yourself,
3. explain why


2009-04-01 18:59:38 by MicroVirus6

just so it's clear i'm smart and figured this out b4 everyone else...
this china thing is an

A l P l R l I l L F l O l O l L l S J l O l K l E

^sorry it changes it to "china rules improvement" if i dont put something in between